This is not a blog about deciding whether films are ‘feminist’ or not. Feminism isn’t a quality a film or a person has or doesn’t have. It’s a way you can choose to look at the world, that affects how you choose to behave towards others.

The aim of Feminist Popcorn is to look at films from a feminist perspective, and how the director chooses to tell the story and present their characters, as well as whether it’s worth watching as a piece of cinema. Plenty of very good films send out tired, insulting and untrue messages about women. That doesn’t mean the film isn’t worth watching or the filmmakers are bad people, but it is worth looking at why intelligent and creative people keep telling stories – that form a big part of how their audience will understand the world – in this way, and whether they can change the script.

Popcorn image in header c. veggiefrog, used under a Creative Commons licence.